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Manage access for all apps for users in one identity management platform through enterprise single sign-on.

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With multiple credentials across multiple users, applications, and systems, managing identity and access management is one of today’s primary business technology challenges. AppIdentity helps companies meet this obstacle head on, giving organizations complete administrative control over cloud consumption while offering users the most secure and convenient cloud experience available today with enterprise single sign-on.

AppIdentity enables companies to drive organizational productivity and security with a powerful set of tools that includes single sign-on, directory integration, user management, thousands of pre-integrated applications, and much more through an identity management platform.

App Market Features

One set of credentials

Secure single sign-on using open standards like SAML and OpenID, offering fast access to all apps for end users with a single password to AppDirect. Simplify user administration with the ability to create and manage user groups, and allow users to connect personal apps, or choose from 1000+ pre-integrated apps for enterprise SSO through enterprise identity management.

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One Set Credentials

Directory at your fingertips

Seamlessly sync your company directory with AppIdentity using Directory Integration. Provision and deprovision users from your existing directory, and maintain full redundancy with AppIdentity as a temporary directory during any unexpected downtime.

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App Identity Directory Sync

Security access control

Create and apply strong authentication policies for all users by user role, group or location. Enforce password policies by defining password character complexity, password length requirements, time period for session timeouts, and max number of failed logins through an identity management platform.

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App Identity Security Access Control

Store your credentials

Encrypt your credentials for security and convenience with Password Vaulting. This offers a secure and convenient way to access applications that do not support enterprise single sign-on. With this solution, users can store passwords server side and inject credentials into a web login page, maintaining the enterprise single sign-on experience.

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App Identity Store Your Credentials

Manage access for all apps

Control all user management functionality with User Provisioning and Deprovisioning. Manage roles, groups, application access, and much more from a single interface, directly provisioning and deprovisioning AppIdentity users from the Active Directory through enterprise identity management.

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App Identity Manage Access For Apps


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